Monday, February 22, 2010

Wanna Know What We Did This Weekend?

Nothing much, really.  Other than taking a road trip to another state and almost ruining a surprise for a dear friend at her going away party, there was the very small matter of us BUYING A HOUSE!!!!!!

Heh heh heh - you totally didn't see that one coming, did ya?  Well it's true...we did!  It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision but it somehow feels like it's taken forever to happen at the same time.  Does that make any sense at all?  I hope it does!

I really think that buying your first house is a lot like having a baby.  There's the nervous time where you're not sure if it's actually going to happen, the waiting around expectantly, and then the moment you will never forget as long as you live - The Moment Your Offer Is Accepted - which is a lot like giving birth (It's a boy!  It's a girl!  It's a colonial!  It's a foursquare! Oh my frog, it's OURS!).

Of course when it finally does happen you are sort of shellshocked and delirious and manic and scared out of your wits all at the same time because what the heck are you supposed to do with this HOUSE?  You're not ready for the responsibility!  And it's not like you can give it back if you don't like it!  How will you know what it needs? What if it doesn't like you and it leaks all the time?  Or cracks its foundation just to spite you?  Do you need to take a course in positive house parenting?  Gentle garage discipline?  Attachment attic renovation?  Ack!

Oh, and don't even get me started on how annoying first-time home buyers are, not unlike like their first-time parent counterparts (believe me, I've been both - so I now speak from experience).  We both talk incessantly about our new additions: "Funny weather we're having today, right?  Speaking of the you want to talk about my NEW HOUSE?".  Or, we take an insane number of pictures and walk around going: "oooh, come take a look at my pretty little housie!  Isn't it just the CUTEST thing EVER?!?"  Don't be surprised if a first-time home buyer has replaced all the family pictures in their wallet with pictures of their new house. Or worse yet, pictures of their kids standing RIGHT IN FRONT of said house.  I'm telling you, we're all just nuts.  It's best you avoid us completely, and don't make direct eye contact.

So, I could go on ad nauseam about how excited we are, how we can't wait to make this our home, how big the square footage is, what style, the year it was built, it's features, how much we love the neighborhood and how we're looking forward to all the fun things we can do there - but that would be boring.  Surely nobody cares about all that, or about all the pictures we took.  Nah, just forget it.

Okay, I totally lied.


The End (for now).
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