Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Party - George Family Style

It's the day after the superbowl...what else did you think I was going to talk about?

If Yousuf was writing this post he would definitely say:

Super Bowl XLIV.  During which my wife changed team allegiances about 15 times during the game, and eventually got over her irrational love of Peyton Manning when she dissolved into a puddle of tears as she saw Drew Brees holding his baby boy.  Ultimately, she decided that it wasn't so bad rooting for the Saints when I told her that anyone who doesn't like New Orleans is a Bad Human Being.  Oh, and the halftime show was meh.

So I have some issues with the above characterizations.  Okay, just one major issue.  How could you NOT love this?


I'm not even kidding, that picture made we want to have 15 babies until I realized that Yousuf will probably never win the Super Bowl.  So flipping cute!

The Super Bowl is a big deal at our house.  Yousuf is in it for the game (of course) and while I like to toot my own horn and talk like I know what's going on, I'm usually just in it for the bad food and commercials (I loved the Google and VW Punchbuggy ones - and laughed out loud at Brett Farve and Alec Baldwin in case you were wondering).

This year was no exception - we let Inara choose the food for dinner because it's more fun that way, and as she was thinking, I whispered to Yousuf: "How much do you want to bet she's going to want W-A-F-F-L-E-S (spelling it out)?"  Well, I think Inara's satellite uplink hyperdrive upgraded to version 2.0 without telling us because she apparently now knows what those letters spell.  We are going to be in BIG trouble with this kid - she's already outsmarting us and she's only three!

So this was our very healthy dinner (Yousuf makes waffles partly from scratch and they are fantasticly yummy - and sort of healthy with ground walnuts and also flax meal thrown in), and of course Inara asked to have chocolate chips and whipped cream with them, so we thought about it for a second and said yes:


And then we had the Super Bowl Opening awesomeness of Jay-Z/Rihanna/ES Posthumus which seriously, was better than the half-time show in my opinion. The coolest part was when Inara heard the music and said: "Where's Ree-haana, Mama?  I don't see her!"  Because my kid is a ROCKSTAR.  And she further proved her rockstar status by belting out the national anthem with Carrie Underwood:


And well, the evening just degenerated from there.  All throughout the first quarter Inara decided that she had to attempt Outrageous Feats Of Bravery right along with the players:


This was very distracting to say the least - and made poor Nissa spray peas all over herself when she kept laughing at her insane older sister. We barely got any dinner into the poor kid:

At this point Yousuf and I admitted defeat and thought we'd better put the girls to bed - so we missed the whole second quarter (and I think that's when the much talked-about Letterman ad was on.  Hooray for YouTube!).

We made it back down for the half-time show (I liked the opening better.  But I won't rag on those of you WHO actually enjoyed it), and then settled in to watch the rest of the show ("GAME" says Yousuf.  Whatever).  Honestly, I was so wiped from the whole evening that I kept thinking that I wasn't going to make it to the end.  Such hard core partiers are we!
Above:  This isn't my house - or even my feet for that matter.  I was so tired that I forgot to take enough pictures to finish this post.  Luckily my good friend-with-adorable-feet, Janica, offered to help me out.  Clearly we were both having legendary Super Bowl parties.  In our jammies. It's what ALL the cool kids are doing.

I'm really hoping that this is what Super Bowl Sunday looks like for those of you who watch the game with your kids - otherwise it will just confirm my suspicion that The Georges are too weird for the real world.  Which is probably true, but one can always hold out hope for some degree of normalcy, can't they? 

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints...what a great game, indeed. You wanna talk about parties - just imagine the one they're having right now down in the Big Easy!  Just the very thought of it is, when did I get so old?
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