Thursday, February 4, 2010

Six Things I Wish I Had Never Said Today

1. "Yes, Inara.  Daddy's balls really are nicer than mine (while rolling out cookie dough balls on the cookie pan)."
2. "Sweetie, boogers are for putting into kleenex.  Not for wiping on your face.  And please don't teach Nissa how to do that."
3. "Oh Nissa. I know you are learning to explore new textures, but the contents of your diaper don't count (insert gag reflex here)."
4. "Oh look!  An apple-skin bracelet.  For me.  How...interesting.  Ummm - is that a booger in the center?"
5. "Thanks for cheering me on while I go to the bathroom, girls.  I just love having an audience while I do my business!"
6. "Inara, I do not want to have a farting contest right now.  No, not even a little farting contest.  Not even a pretend one. How do you even know what a farting contest is?  Did your daddy put you up to this?"

Somedays Motherhood really is so glamorous, innit?
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