Thursday, February 18, 2010

Further Proof That I Am About As Mature As A Twelve Year-Old Boy

As if you needed more proof.  But even better, this is going to prove to you that I'm not the only one.

It all started during the Super Bowl, when this Volkswagen commercial came on:

Which was all fine and dandy - except that IT WAS WRONG.  This is totally NOT how you are supposed to play the Punchbuggy game, and everyone knows it.  I don't know what VW was even thinking when they slapped that poor excuse of an ad together.  Pfffffft.

My 12 year-old boy alter-ego soon decided to protest.  Something HAD to be done about this.  Lucky for me, I have friends that share my world view (and my resistance to maturing).  Enter Matt, creator of The Proper Rules to The Punchbuggy Game.  Not only did he perfect the system, but he even took pictures of Slugbugs in and around the greater Seattle area to illustrate.  I have to say, his captions are by far the best part:

 This is your average 1 point Beetle. Such color!

 Notice the fancy custom paint job and blue wheels? It's still only three points.

Fantastic!  Matt, you rock (which you already knew) - thanks for indulging me and my VW Bug obsession.  I absolutely love that you can play this game with your kids (because everyone knows it's good family fun to teach your kid to whop you when you least expect it), and Matt was kind enough to include "kid-friendly" rules such as:
"New Beetle convertibles are worth two points. Only the convertibles are worth two points. I can’t stress this enough. If you play with children they will argue the merits of purple flames on a slugbug and how that should be worth an extra point, but it’s not."
Matt is also Dad to the very lovely and insanely-smart Isabel, who I'm sure has tested out his rules enough times now for him to completely perfect them.  I can almost hear her debating weather or not spoilers and racing stripes count for extra points (which they DO NOT, thankyouverymuch).  Sorry, kiddo.

I can't wait to play this new (and CORRECT) version of the Punchbuggy game with my family.  Poor kids aren't going to know what hit 'em. Snicker snicker snicker...No Punchbacks!

You can check out Matt's Punchbuggy website in all it's glory here.
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