All The Information About Inara's Rainbow In One Handy-Dandy Location.

For those of you that have wandered here by accident and are reading this blog and wondering, "What the heck is this Inara's Rainbow thing, and why won't this person shut up about it???" - well my friends, this page is for YOU.

(And for everyone else who is interested in how Inara's Rainbow came about.)

It all started with a post called (not surprisingly), Inara's Rainbow, written in November of 2010. It was an amazing turn of events, and I'm still pinching myself over it.

The first pre-order for Inara's Rainbow opened in early December 2010. I'm still awed by how many people wrote to me saying that they bought IR because of our story. That's the power of the written word, and even though it was so hard to share, I'm so glad I wrote the post that moved you as much as it did for me.

After that, things began to snowball as my very good friend decided to make some very special Inara's Rainbow items. The giraffes sold out faster than you can say Justin Bieber (who was a very famous and very young superstar, for those of you that are reading this in the future with your implanted computer chips and robotic eyeballs. The future sounds SCARY.), and the hobo bags are a wrap-collector's dream come true.

The first batch of IR was delivered in Spring 2011, and it was absolutely stunning. Those of us who were lucky to get one were thrilled, and those of us who missed the pre-order were bummed to have missed out.

But not for long!

Because a SECOND pre-order for IR was opened up in March 2011, due to overwhelming demand. During that time, I asked my readers to help me choose a ring color for my own personal IR ring sling.

I have loved every part of the IR story. I love that the wrap came about as a result of sharing my own babywearing story, that it is named after my daughter who went through so much in her infancy, and to whom babywearing meant survival. I love that people have responded in such an overwhelmingly positive way to this wrap, and that through it I can give back to the community that supported me during my hardest days as a parent. I am not making a penny from the sale of IR, but the worth of this wrap means more to me than any monetary amount. To me, Inara's Rainbow means hope. It means love. And that is something I am so honored to share with the world.

Thanks for making Inara's Rainbow possible, friends. Thank you for being a part of our story.
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