Friday, April 29, 2011


My brain is a bit befuddled today, thoughts neither here nor there. So this post, likewise is the same. We were supposed to be home today, and we were - for approximately 12 hours. And then, like the blink of an eye (or one night of sleep in our own bed HOORAY), we were gone again, flying away like little birds. We were homeless for a day - or possibly more, not really knowing when we'd be allowed back again.

One of the rooms in our house failed the lead inspection, and we were told that we weren't technically allowed back until all the rooms were cleared. Sigh. And tears, because two little girls who don't really deal with transitions very well had to be told that although we were home...we actually weren't.

And so we packed up our belongings, again. Piled them into the back of the van, again. And drove. Inara sang from her seat, unknowingly appropriately,

And so here we go bluebird,
Back to the sky on your own.
Oh, let him go bluebird,
Ready to fly,
You and I,
Here we go.

We went out for breakfast, visited a museum, and then braced ourselves for the naptime crankies. Our friends-who-are-like-family told us to visit, to stay with them if we needed to, but no, we could do this. We were going to be okay.

Lunchtime rolled around, and the girls were starting to fade. Nissa started rubbing her ear, as she does whenever she starts getting sleepy. But there wasn't anywhere for her to lay her head. The museum was quiet, the middle of the day at the end of a work week. There wasn't anyone around as far as the eye could see. We decided that Inara could rest in the stroller, and that I would wear Nissa, and that hopefully, hopefully, she would sleep.

We can do anything, if we're together, we told the girls. But all honesty knows that I just wanted to be home. After a long week away, I wanted my little chicks to be home with us, in our nesting place.

I sent that thought out into the universe...and let it go. Because sometimes you need to have a moment of pity but not dwell on it too long, or else it will just drag you down.

Yousuf went out to the van to get Nissa's lovey, a worn, frayed, little black cat that she would absolutely need to fall asleep. She reached out to him when he came back, needing it so, and noticed her Daddy's beaming smile.

We can go home. I got the call.

And so the pendulum swung again, and we went with it - anxious not a moment ago and now elated to be coming home. Finally coming home.

On the way back, Inara's voice soared,

And so here we go bluebird,
Gather your strength and rise up.

Here we go...

Followed by,

Hey! We're going to be just in time to watch the end of Royal Wedding Week!

I'll take it.

Fly home, little bluebirds

* Lyrics from the song Bluebird by Sara Bareilles, Inara's current fave. 
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