Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do Something Good Giveaway - Day Three.

(You can read about Day One here, and Day Two here.)

It's another day, and that means another way to enter the Do Something Good Giveaway! I have to say, I am really excited by the number of entries so far. So excited because I feel like this idea is catching on, and it's so nice to have such wonderful people to share Inara's Rainbow with. Without sounding too mushy, I will now take this opportunity to say I LOVE YOU GUYS! For serious. I do. Thanks for entering the giveaway every day, for sharing it with your friends, for wanting to do Something Good with me, and for giving Inara's Rainbow a wonderful, loving home. I can't think of a better bunch of people to share this very special sling with!

Here once again, is the handy-dandy giveaway schedule. Today's entry method is so easy that it's laughable! Ha HA Ha (okay, I'll stop now)!

Monday - leave a comment after this post
Tuesday - share the giveaway online
Wednesday - follow me online
Thursday - subscribe to the blog (I know a lot of you might not want to do this, so this is something I'm willing to change if I get any better ideas)
Friday - submit a link to the pictures of your Do Something Good Challenge!

In fact, I'm hoping that most of you will have done this already (what do you mean you don't already follow me online?!? Shocked, I am! Kidding, kidding OF COURSE). If you happen to be amongst that small percentage of people, all you will have to do is leave me a comment below saying, "Well DUH. Of course I already follow this blog online! Please don't insult my good taste with this uselessness!" Or something of that nature.

If not, here is what you have to do TODAY:
- Go to either my Facebook Page and click on that sweet little inviting "Like" button, or go to my Twitter Page and click on that attractive green "Follow" button. Or do both!
- Leave me a comment after this post, telling me you have done so. 

Like yesterday, even if you follow me on both Facebook and Twitter, please only leave ONE COMMENT please and thank you! And that is all you have to do today to get one entry for a chance to win this lovely little number:
(Yes, I am making out with my daughter. I do that sometimes. But it's not my fault! It's her fault for having such a kissable little face. 
And I just noticed that Inara and I stand the same way posture hereditary?)

You will notice in that picture that Inara still loves to wear her sling - the one that Inara's Rainbow was made and named after. I thought it would be fun to share some comparison pictures of the two with you, so we could see how closely Inara's Rainbow stacked up to the original.

This was the first picture that I posted of Inara wearing her little doll sling (which was made by one of my dearest friends for her many many moons ago). It was the photo that launched this whole great adventure...

I know that it's SO hard to not be distracted by that adorable little face. But I think what everyone responded to (apart from the mug of the wearer) were the bright and HAPPY stripes:

So lovely and cheery! I never even dreamed that not only the colors, but the feeling of Inara's original rainbow sling could be duplicated. But if anyone could do it, and do it so well - it was Giselle. Here are the two fabrics together. Inara's original doll sling on top, and Inara's Rainbow the wrap on the bottom:

I left the shot largely unaltered (apart from sharpening it up a little), and I took it in front of a bright window in natural light. I think the colors are almost spot on, don't you? The red weft does alter the blues and greens a little bit, but in a way that is totally complimentary to those colors:

I feel as though Inara's Rainbow the wrap, is a deeper, more three-dimensional representation of the original.  I can stare at the wrap all day and notice new hues dancing across the stripes, just out of the corner of my's absolutely magical.

If anything, I feel as though the wrap is a more grown up and sophisticated version of the original, but that it very much carries the spirit of that happy little doll sling alive. Here are the two side by side. This shot almost makes it too hard for me to part with the sling, but reading all of your comments has made me want all of you to have a little bit of this perfect simple pleasure in your lives as well:

My hope is that all the sweet babies that are carried in Inara's Rainbow will feel this same sense of bright joy and love. We certainly do!

Good luck to all of you in the giveaway - I wish I had enough to share with all of you!

By the way, I'm curious to know how many of you are working on the repurposing challenge? You have THREE more days (including today, which isn't done yet!) to get it done, and all photo entries must be submitted by Friday, April 15th at midnight EST. Because this is the Do Something Good Giveaway, I'd love to see LOTS of creative do-gooding! Even though you don't have to do it, wouldn't it be nice to Do Something Good in order to get Something Good? 

Last night I was at a meeting all evening, and Yousuf was with the girls. This morning I found all the paint chips that I had set out to repurpose in Inara's lunchbox. With holes punched out of them! 

Not to worry,'s all part of my big repurposing plan! I think. What are you working on?
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