Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do Something Good Giveaway - Day Two.

For those who are just joining us on this grand experiment/adventure, WELCOME! You can read about Day One of the Do Something Good Giveaway here (so many entries so far yeah!). This is a wacky giveaway for a one of a kind ring sling (that you can use to carry your child or pet or other sundry items if you so choose) that is named after my daughter, Inara.

(That's the baby sling I'm giving away. But that's not Inara. That's my other daughter, Nissa. Are you confused yet? Good.)

Part of the giveaway involves doing something good (hence the name). You don't have to do it, but it will make you feel good and might even give you good karma, or juju, or a halo. Whichever. I'm not picky. If you decide to enter, please find out more about today's entry method below. If you missed yesterday's entry method, don't worry! You still have FOUR more days and four more ways to enter. If you decide to do the "Do Something Good part of the giveaway", the challenge is to repurpose or upcycle something by Friday at midnight. You will upload a photo of your completed project online (like to Flickr, Picasa, etc.) and submit a link to it in the comments section after Friday's post NOT SOONER! So get thinking! I'll be doing the challenge too, you can read about my progress at the end of today's post.


Friends, I woke up so disoriented this morning. Yousuf and I were up way too late last night, sanding the huge spackle-filled holes in the walls of our kitchen (oh yes, there are actual craters in my walls right now). Somewhere in the midst of all that mindless sanding and vacuuming and more sanding I entered a time vortex.

I went to bed tired out of my mind, and I guess the last conscious image I had was that of Yousuf covered in spackle dust - he looked like a fast-forwarded Grandfather Time version of himself. I think my brain fast-forwarded and when I woke up this morning I thought it was FRIDAY, and that I had somehow messed up the entire giveaway. Holy Heart Attack, Batman! I have never been so confused and terrified in my whole life. I flew downstairs to check on my blog post, and realized:

- That it was Tuesday. PHEW.
- That I had forgotten to close the comments at midnight EST. OOPS (not to worry, you are still entered into the giveaway even if you commented after midnight).
- That I needed massive amounts of caffeine. NOW.

Everything is better now, thank goodness. My heart is going at a slightly faster-than-normal, caffeine-induced whumpawhumpawhumpa pace instead of a panic-attack-inducing BONGBONGBONGTHUMP.

And we can move on to Day Two of the Do Something Good Giveaway! Hooray and Huzzah!

So according to my handy-dandy schedule (copied from yesterday's post for your convenience), today is the day that we get to spam the world with our Do-Goodingness. Sounds absolutely delightful, no?

Monday (today) - leave a comment after this post
Tuesday - share the giveaway online
Wednesday - follow me online
Thursday - subscribe to the blog (I know a lot of you might not want to do this, so this is something I'm willing to change if I get any better ideas)
Friday - submit a link to the pictures of your Do Something Good Challenge!

Here is what you have to do TODAY to enter the Do Something Good Giveaway:

- Share the link to the giveaway online, either on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog. If you already shared it yesterday, you can STILL enter today.
- Leave me ONE comment after this post, telling me you have done so. Be sure to put in a link to your mention!

I know that some of you prefer to only use Facebook and not Twitter, or vice versa. So, I'm leaving the choice of how you share the link up to you. If you decide to share both on Facebook and Twitter, thank you so much from the bottom of my caffeine-fueled heart. But please still only leave ONE COMMENT stating that you have shared the giveaway this way and that way and every which way. I hope I'm making sense and not just gibbering because of my caffeine buzz. That would not be good.

EXAMPLES (feel free to alter at will):

If you are sharing on Facebook, link to this blog post, and then type the following:
"Hello peoples of the world! This is your friendly neighborhood Do-Gooder! I am hereby entering the VeniVidiBlogi Do Something Good Giveaway with this status update! Be forewarned! My Do-Goodingness knows no bounds! I shall change the world, one altruistic task at a time! Resistance is futile! Join us in our quest!"
(Don't forget to leave a comment & link below telling me you've shared this on Facebook!)

If you are sharing on Twitter:
"Hey! Do Something Good & enter the @VeniVidiBlogi Do Something Good Giveaway. It'll make your hair smell like cupcakes. http://t.co/uLtvEeF"
(Don't forget to leave a comment & link below telling me you've shared this on Twitter!)

If you are sharing on your blog comment below thusly:
"Greetings! It is I, the fabulous (enter your name here), writing to inform you of my insane awesomeness. Evidence of my magnificence can be viewed here (enter the links to your mentions here). Thank you and try not to be blinded by my shiny aura."

If you decide to do all or any combination of the above, comment below:
"OH MY GOSH I AM THE GREATEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD AND SMARTPHONES! I shared the link to your giveaway on Facebook and Twitter and on my blog (enter links to your mentions here) because I AM A PERFECT HUMAN BEING."

See? It's easy!

Remember, doing this gives you an entry to win this! Drooool....

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful...

And don't forget to think about, and work on, your repurposing project! You have until Friday at midnight to submit a link to the picture of your completed project. Remember, you don't HAVE to do this part of the challenge. You don't even have to do an entry every day! Just do what you want and can do. Every day will give you another chance to enter the giveaway, and Friday's entry will give you an entry plus some unicorn sparkles because you will feel like a superhero for Doing Something Good! 

Here's what I'm going to be doing this week. I have a million and two paint chips in my house because we've been picking colors for our house. We have a designer/consultant person coming over this afternoon, and after she laughs at all my color choices and hands me some newer, more modern colors, I will take the rest of the chips and instead of throwing them in the trash...I shall repurpose them into something grand!

(Seriously, guys. This is just a third of the paint chips that are currently occupying my house. 
I think I have a problem.)

Or at least...that's the plan. We'll see what happens!

Stay tuned for a new entry method tomorrow, and more pics of Inara's Rainbow. I have some comparison shots to Inara's original sling that I know some of you have been s geeked out (like me!) to see. The comments below will close at midnight tonight, so share away!

Hey, you know what else is good? YOU. Because you've decided to come along on this crazy adventure with me. Thank you so much for entering the giveaway - you guys are my shining stars!
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