Monday, April 18, 2011

Inara's Rainbow Winner!

 So happy to be sending Inara's Rainbow to a sweet and loving home!

When I decided on the concept of this giveaway, the notion of getting people to do something good in order to get something good seemed simultaneously magnificent and ludicrous. I really thought that half of you would read about the idea and decide that the effort was simply not worth it. And that would have been okay with me too, if I wasn't convinced that giving away my most sentimental possession would feel even better if I did it for the right reasons.

As I picked the winner (by the powers vested in me by yesterday, it dawned on me that not only did I achieve what I set out to do in the giveaway, but that the winner achieved something good as well. I don't think I've ever seen a five-day giveaway, and even if such a thing ever existed, I doubt that that many people would actually want to go through the trouble of entering day after day. I was so lucky that many of you thought otherwise, and the winner of the giveaway was indeed one of those people. Not only that, but the winner also submitted a repurposing project, and that makes me feel so, I don't maybe this whole concept wasn't a big crazy and naive dream at all.

On Day One, the winner commented:
"I'd love to use this for my toddler and/or brand new babe coming in May or June!  I use a Maya with my 21mo right now, but I'm not in love with it (it keeps slipping through the rings, argh!), and this is bee-yoo-tiful!

And I'm LOVING the repurposing idea!  Cogs are turning....turning....turning......"
Reading that right now gives me chills because honestly, I don't know if am going to have another baby. And if I'm not, then the thought of our Inara's Rainbow going to snuggle a new baby somewhere couldn't be more perfect. The winner stayed true to her words, and she did indeed not only submit a repurposing project, but she commented each and every day of the challenge. Shivers. I've got shivers!

On Day Four, the winner said that she wasn't going to stop with one repurposing project. I love that this giveaway inspired such thoughts:
"Subscribed via email -- and I'm thinking I may need to do an extra repurposing project over the next few weeks to turn some fabric scraps into some awesome doll carriers.  My son has a kid version of the Kozy Carrier, but I'm thinking a stretchy wrap and ring sling would be cool, too.

Can't wait to post pictures on my blog of him wearing his sock monkey once he figures it out..."
And her repurposing project was adorable. And free! And so adorable (I know I already said that, but it IS!)!: 
It started out like this, given to me by the nice Costco people to hold my fruit, cheese, and green beans:

Add a little bulletin board paper, glue, masking tape, and leftover die-cut letters and...


Lots of creative paper folding and fastening turned it into a neat little desk for Zeke's 21-month-old self. Not that I expect it to last longer than 2 minutes in its blemish-free state, but DARN IT it's cute right now!"
 I agree!

So it is with great, great pleasure that I congratulate Amy W as the winner of the first Do Something Good Giveaway! I am so happy to be sending Inara's Rainbow to you, with lots of our love and gratitude tucked in amongst its folds. I hope that you make many happy babywearing memories with it, and enjoy it with your growing family. Congratulations, Amy! Please contact me at so that I get to work sending this to you!

There was a point in the middle of the week, when your entries started coming in fast and furious, that I thought no way. I simply can not part with this sling! I felt like it had become a part of our family's story, and I didn't want it to end. But on Friday and Saturday, when I read about one after the other repurposing challenge - and I marveled at your creativity, your willingness to be a part of my crazy scheme - my heart changed my mind. As I closed the comments for the last time at midnight on Saturday, I told Yousuf that being a part of this challenge has felt WAY better than holding on to Inara's Rainbow. Sure, it's an absolutely gorgeous sling that has an amazing story behind it, but using that sling to do something even better is what the real gift has been. So thank you all for giving me something in return, too.

It has been such a treat to share this giveaway with all of you. I only wish that I had a way to give all of you a piece of Inara's Rainbow...but that wouldn't really be very useful to anyone (You could use it as a rainbowy napkin maybe?). As I mentioned last week, I would love to keep these giveaways going, because I feel like even the act of having them is a good thing in and of itself. I love the idea of changing the world for the better, even if it's a tiny bit at a time.

I think we can do it, friends. We can keep this going...together.

Thank you all for being a part of Something Good!
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