Friday, April 15, 2011

Do Something Good Giveaway - FINAL DAY.

(You can read about Day One here, Day Two here, and Day Three here, and Day Four here.)

I don't know about you, but I'm actually kind of sad to see this giveaway end. We've been having such fun, haven't we? I've loved learning  more about all of you, and having wonderful conversations together. I'm really hoping that we can do this again soon (and thanks to some really fantastic readers and potential sponsors, it might just happen!). This stretched-out giveaway has also made me appreciate just how loved Inara's Rainbow will be at any one of your houses...and that really does mean so much to me.

So thank you all for entering, joining in all week long, and most of all, for making this giveaway mean something! Because today is THE DAY WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! The whole purpose of the giveaway has centered around this, and I am so looking forward to seeing what all of you have come up with for the repurposing challenge!

One last time, here is the giveaway schedule...

Monday - leave a comment after this post
Tuesday - share the giveaway online
Wednesday - follow me online
Thursday - subscribe to the blog
Friday - submit a link to the pictures of your Do Something Good Challenge!

Even though I have said that you are not obligated to do each of the entry methods, I am still so encouraged by the fact that so many of you have expressed an interest in doing today's challenge. I love that you guys GET IT. I can feel that you are excited about the notion of doing something good to get something good as I am. And even if your repurposing project is really simple (just wait until you see mine!) the whole point of the giveaway is to JUST DO SOMETHING GOOD BECAUSE YOU CAN. And I know you guys can do this. I can't wait to see!!

Getting on with it then, here is what you will need to do TODAY to enter (it's the last day! Your last chance to win Inara's Rainbow! So DO IT!):
- Take a photo of your repurposed project and upload it to an online photo sharing website such as Flickr, Picasa, or Photobucket (or any other site such as those).
- Alternatively, you can upload your photo to the VeniVidiBlogi Facebook Fan Page.
- Leave me a comment below LINKING to your photo online! Feel free to tell me a bit about your project too - what inspired you? What was the total cost? How long did it take to complete? I want to know it all!

Please remember to link to your photo's the only way that I will know you are entering the challenge today. If you simply post your picture to my FB page and don't leave me a comment below, IT WILL NOT COUNT (simply because I don't have the higher brain functional capacity to go through my FB feed to find all of your photos). I need to please see those comments and links below to make my life easier. And this way, everyone who comes to read this post can see all of your beautiful projects too! And be inspired! And can try to do some repurposing of their own! And can make the world a better place for it! I will stop using so many exclamation points now!

The girls have been "helping" me (in that ever-helpful non-helpful way that kids have) complete our repurposing project over the week, and even though it was so simple to do, it took us FOREVER! Mostly because in the midst of hole-punching and gluing paint chips, we've been filling big holes in our walls, priming, repainting, and preparing to move out of our house for a few days when we get our windows replaced week after next. The word "fun" can definitely not begin to describe how I feel about this process. I hope to tell you more about it next week, and I'm sure I'll have more choice descriptive words to use about it then....but for now, I want to share my project with you!

It started off with paint chips. Lots and lots and LOTS of paint chips (these are just the neutrals, blues and greens - there were a whole whackload of crazybright colors as well. I don't know what I was thinking with those):

Then I made Inara punch holes in all seventy million trillion of them (I'm kidding, of course. There were only sixty million trillion. And she only said that I was torturing her three times. It was FUN! And I am kidding, of course. I did most of the punching after the novelty of the ordeal wore off for her...which happened in about 15 minutes):

After that, Nissa and I set to work glue-sticking them together back-to-back, over some fishing twine...

...when we were done Nissa exclaimed, "ooooh! Pretty Monies!" I have no idea how she knows about money already...

Behold! I have created...a stringed, dotted, THING! I was more than a little bit proud of myself. 

(I look so tired in that shot. Because I've been painting until 1am for one week straight!)

I know it doesn't look like much, but I love our "Colorful Money Garland", as Inara has "coined" it (groan). My inspiration for it was something sweet and simple for either Nissa or Inara's room, like this:

Image courtesy of Oeuf

But I didn't want to pay over fifty dollars for it! Our version was free because I already had all the materials and supplies on hand. The best part is that I saved all those paint chips that were headed off to the trash (excuse me while I polish off my halo). It really didn't take that long to put together (if you don't count the painting interruptions), and the girls were able to help with it as well. They are so proud of their work! Because we are in the middle of repainting rooms/replacing windows, for now it is being temporarily displayed on my banister:

I think it makes the whole room feel happy.

I feel so good about Doing Something Good! I showed you mine, now you show me yours!

The comments will close TOMORROW (Saturday April 16th) at midnight EST. I wanted to give you guys the time to submit your photos, and I thought an extra day might help. Remember, this will be your LAST CHANCE for a chance to win Inara's Rainbow. Have fun, and good luck to all of you. The winner will be announced on Monday! Have a wonderful weekend, and see you on the flip side...xoxoxmahreen
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