Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring "Break".

Now that the giveaway is over, I really want to tell you about all the other things that have been going on in our lives...

(But first I have to make breakfast.)

I mentioned last week that we are going to have to move out of our house next week while we get our windows replaced...

(Excuse me while I cut the toast into funny shapes.)

And I think that is not normal. But we, as you well know by now, are anything but normal.

Mama! I want to do something! Can we DOOOOOO something today? 

The reason we have to leave is because the windows, which are original to our century-old house, contain lead paint. So we'll have to be out of the way while the professionals come in, do their window-changing thing, and clean up afterward to meet EPA regulations.

Fine, Mama. If you're going to work then I'm going to draw - ummm, can you get me some pencil crayons?

Have I ever told you how hard it is for me to hold on to one continuous thought for any length of time?

Mama! I want cray-nins! Issie want cray-nins!

So now the question arises, where exactly will we go for two to four days?

Uh-oh. My pencil crayons are not sharp at all! I'm going to need help to make them all sharp again, MOM.

Sharp sharp sharp! I sharp! Issie SHARP!

I'm thinking that I should ditch these two and fly somewhere tropical...

Mama, I makin' a MESS! Look! Look! 

...with cute cabana boys...

Mama? I don't think that I want to do this anymore. There are just too many pieces of pencil crayons everywhere!

...where I can enjoy the view...

Yum! I eatin' cray-nins! Tasty! silence.

Look! I found a piece of pencil crayon in my BUTT. It tickles!

Anyone want to join me?

These are the crazy people I live with. I'm sure they didn't inherit this from ME.
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