Friday, May 20, 2011

T-ball Practice (And Aftermath).

Inara started playing her first organized sport a couple of weeks ago. We signed her up for our local t-ball league Go Southside Bees! (the kids picked out their own fantastic team name, can't you tell?) and she's loving it. Or rather, she was loving it before it started raining every day for the past two weeks straight and now, for one hour twice a week, my child experiences a total state of transcendent four year-old euphoria BECAUSE SHE GETS COMPLETELY COVERED IN MUD. 

I've never seen a person more intoxicated with joy...when faced with a field of sludge. 

Poor Yousuf is one of Inara's coaches and he gets the unique privilege of herding kids around the swampy outfield ("Third base is inside that puddle! RUUUUUN!"), where the children squelch themselves to happy, mud-covered oblivion and kerSPLASH gigantic tsunami-sized waves of ick all over the coaches. I'm actually considering investing in goggles for the whole team. Yellow ones maybe, to match the whole bee theme Go Southside Goggleheaded Bees! Bzzzzzz!

Nissa and I usually watch from the sidelines, safe and dry in our Wellies...and I have to admit, we do laugh at them. More than a little, even. Oh, stop thinking that I'm such a meanie - you'll be happy to know that I always end up getting my just deserts. 

Guess who has to do all that laundry?

Have a lovely weekend, friends. I hope that your skies stay sunny and that your laundry doesn't look like it just came out of a mud bath...
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