Friday, May 13, 2011


Oh hey, lookie here! Blogger is finally BACK! Hallelujah and praise the Chocolate!

So yep, Blogger went AWOL for two days and the whole of the internets went into a near tailspin. You didn't notice, you say? You didn't even MISS ME??

Well fine, then. I'll just slink back into my little corner and...

Awww, who are we kidding here? You could never get rid of me that easily. I'm like that bad spot of hives you get when you're really nervous and you don't want anyone to notice but all that happens is that you repeatedly break out into big gross red bumps that are practically screaming READ MY BLOG! GIVE ME YOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION!

In case you were not aware, I'm a bit needy.

Not just when I'm begging people to read this blog, my little home base in a sea of blogs who are all screaming for you attention, but especially when I impose upon your casual interest to ask you to go and read my post today at And Nobody Told Me.

Have I told you lately that I love you?

And that you are beautiful, in every single way?

And I'm out of sappy song lyrics to quote so I'll end here.

(I know you're devastated.)

Have a wonderful, stupendous weekend, friends. I'll be spending it making a dinosaur cake for Nissa, and trying not to be mopey when I think about how fast the past two years have zipped by (which is incidentally, what the topic of my post is today at ANTM).

Trying my darndest to stay present in the moment, and grateful for good friends like you who share my desire to freeze-frame time as it slips away from me like sand...

Three generations of family (my mom in the background, Yousuf pouring and Nissa trying to catch) watching the sand pass through little fingers, 
Not really trying to hold onto it, but not really letting it go either.
Such a unique sensation to feel, and to capture in a photo.
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