Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finding Bliss, Even Close To Home.

First, because I have to get these things off my chest:

1. Thank you to everyone who read, commented on, thought about commenting on, emailed me about, thought about emailing me about, my last post. I am so honored to have this blog to talk openly and honestly about the big things in life, even when they're not so beautiful to face head on. Doing so gives me courage, and hearing your thoughts gives me an insight that I never knew existed. You are all smart, wise, incredible friends and I am so happy to share this space with you.

2. Nissa turns two - T-W-O - in less than a week. ONE WEEK, GUYS. I don't know how I'm going to get through the next six days. I've already cried twice today. It's going by too fast! I want it to stop. Or maybe I want another baby? Or maybe not. Maybe I'm hormonal. Gosh, I am such a mess, and I apologize in advance for (Nissa) talking (Nissa) all (Nissa) about my little sweet potato (not an embarrassing nickname AT ALL) (Nissa) for (Nissa) the (Nissa) next (Nissa) week (Nissa).

Which brings us to the following....

I've been spending the last few days looking at pictures from our staycation, and thinking about how a simple thing like replacing our windows turned into a very big adventure...of sorts.

 Lookie! There's people crawling all over our house...time to jet!

And it wasn't so much that we traveled to a far-off exotic land (unless you call 10 miles away from home exotic), it was more that the act of going somewhere, together, was the adventure in and of itself.

We were all sick as dogs when we left, but you wouldn't know it for a second if you looked at these shots. Happy is the word that I will remember when I think about this mini-getaway. Not just a feeling, but an impression that painted every memory with it's own color. Happy.

I'm amazed at how, even though we didn't do anything extra special (parks and playgrounds, lots of swimming and restauranting), every little experience was something I looked at and marveled at through the eyes of my wide-eyed and enthusiastic traveling companions. 

I love how all the world is a playground for kids. They never grow tired of finding ways to make it something new and exciting, for their pleasure alone. And all they really ask of us is that we sit gazing at them for a while, marveling at them from the audience, basking in their glow.

I need to also tell you about the ridiculous amount of not-so-healthy food that we ate, partly because I need to confess to someone, and partly because it's too good to keep all to myself. Behold!

The girls discovered Fruit Loops at our daily breakfast downstairs in the was quite possibly the highlight of the entire staycation for them. Inara commented, "Do you think that when we get back home, we can see if our grocery store sells this sugar fruity oh's cereal?"

Not wanting to lie to my daughter, yet amused by her false illusion, I smiled, nodded, and then stuffed my face full of bagels, burying my guilt under a pound of cream cheese.

I don't think she minded my non-answer very much. She was too engrossed in more important matters.

Not to worry though, there was still some healthy-food eating that occurred, and thankfully the girls did it of their own volition (rather sweetly too, I might add):

(You'll have to ignore those two open tubs of cream cheese. I can neither confirm nor deny that they were mine.)

There is a favorite little restaurant of ours, down by Lake Canandaigua, which we visit on very special occasions. Because our hotel was conveniently located within a very close driving distance (which I can neither confirm nor deny was a coincidence), we decided to feast there on our last night of staycationing, savoring every morsel of the crêpe culinary delights. It was so impossibly delicious.

Eager anticipation:

Let the feast begin! My crème brûlée crêpe stuffed with berries (try not to lick your screen):

One satisfied customer:


And of course, because everyone was so satisfied after that fabulous meal, we had a great impromptu photo shoot right outside the restaurant. The town is so picturesque, and the storefront made a lovely backdrop. So fun, and I love when everything just clicks to make moments like these happen.

 Nissa: Two Two Two...I'm going to be TWO!

Me: Waaaaaaah!

By the end of our trip, I felt like we had settled into another sort of routine. One that was more laid back, but also welcoming of all the possibilities that the day had in store for us ahead.That's something I want to bring home with us - the sense that around every corner lies a new and exciting possibility:

Like the chance of a meeting turning into a friendship (or two or three) that you look forward to each and every day...
(Art, all-round handyman and giver of Best Big Bear Hugs)

 (Omar, breakfast genius and Kid Chaser Extraordinaire)

(Angela, hostess with the mostess and master of the Most Giggle-Inducing High Fives Ever)

There was kindness, even in those simple moments, as well as a sense of wonder that made me want to love harder, snuggle longer and make my kids laugh harder. Just because it felt so good. 

 Snuggling after the kids were in bed. I told you we'd watch Harry Potter on vacation!

I can neither confirm nor deny that those feet belong to me. I can confirm however, that doing underwater handstands for your kids is a guaranteed laugh-getter.

Snuggling with zorked kids after a long swim. 
They had just discovered the Disney Channel, and I think it blew their minds.

We're still settling into our own rhythm now that we're back home. The new windows are fabulous (and require window treatments, another post for another day), but apart from getting working windows (hooray) I think we got something even better during our week away.

We got a chance to step away from our busy selves for a brief moment. For me, that time away was a reminder of my own bliss, right here with my own family, in my own town.

Till next time, friends...
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