Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Birthday Songs for Nissa.

Happy Birthday to you,
My two year-old ball of goo,
You look like a little imp,
And you act like one too.

Happy Birthday to independent Issie,
Our sassy tough-girl missy,
I hope you never ever change
We need you to protect your older sissy.

Happy Birthday sweet potato
Your nickname rhymes with tomato
But not much else that I can think of
Other than the island of Tobago.

From Inara:
Happy Birthday to my baby
Sometimes you're so crazy
You are my favorite sister
I'm glad you're not a mister.

Happy Birthday to our goofball
I see you running away and down the hall
You have the largest personality
Even though you're so small.

Happy Birthday, another year's passed
Two years have gone by so fast
I wonder who you are becoming
Watching you grow is such a blast.

Happy Birthday to all that you are
I know that you'll go so far
With your fearless attitude
I don't think you care about getting scars.

She totally jumped off that last step and nearly gave me a heart attack.

From Daddy:
Happy Birthday baby girl
With a head full of curls
Can you please start sleeping through the night
I can't think of another rhyme because I'm so tired.

Happy Birthday to you
And the things you know to be true
Like the pronunciation of "Di-la-saur"
Or how your favorite color is purple 
(but you always call it blue).


Happy Birthday to your smiles
And laughs that go on for miles
I hope that you'll stay the same
At least for a little while.

Happy Birthday today
I'll try not to cry
When I think about how big you are
And how I'm lucky you're mine.

Happy Birthday Nissa - thanks for two years filled with crazy dress-up costumes, manic laughter, 
and more sweet mischief than I ever thought existed.
Love you lotsest, sweet potato.
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