Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Study In Contrasts.

This was taken over the weekend, on probably the last warm day here in Western NY (we had a frost advisory last night...brrrr). Every time I look at it, I can't help but smile.  It's usually so hard to take a decent photo of my little whirlwind of a baby.  It usually involves begging (on my part), whining (on her part) and bribery involving goldfish crackers.

But on the rare occasion that I can catch her unawares and not running in the opposite direction, she is such a treat to behold.  Nissa is a study in contrasts. She is as sweet as candy kisses and yet always looking for a way to bend (or break) the rules. She will lure you in with her wide smile and then sucker punch you right in the kisser. And even when she is serious, her sparkling eyes are always, always smiling.

I feel like she is an old soul living in a tiny baby body and that she sees so much more than we give her credit for.  Who knows what she was thinking about in this shot? Maybe she was pondering the meaning of life. Maybe she was trying to find a way to end world hunger.

Or maybe she was trying to calculate the best way to push her big sister off the neighboring swing.
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