Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blame The Butterflies.

I didn't get to post today because this morning we ALL went with Inara on her first field trip (yeah, we're that family), and then this afternoon I tried to add graphics to my blog.  BAD IDEA.

I am so beyond out of my league when it comes to all things technology-related, and so when I tried to add a button/badge/whatever-you-call-it-thingamabober to the blog the world almost ceased to exist. It took me THREE HOURS to make a box with text in it.  Oh, and a butterfly - let us not forget the glorious butterfly that nearly caused me to have a seizure.  Stupid butterfly. 

And then I tried to add more of the same prettyness up at the top of the blog, to the header/title/whatever-you-call-it doober. And after another hour of saying not-so-nice words, squinting, grunting, and getting a big fat headache, the result was what you see.  Four bloody flowers. And those butterflies again.  I swear they are the bane of my existence at this point.

Anyway.  There you have it. Another amazingly incompetent post brought to you by The World's Most Inept Technotard.  Now I have to go apologize to my family for ignoring them for the whole day. I'm totally blaming the butterflies.
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