Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Trashcan of Death

I don't know why I find this utterly hilarious... it's just been one of those days, I guess.  You know what I mean - it's the kind of day where you haven't been able to sit down for a more than a minute because everybody everywhere needs you RIGHT NOW and so by the end (or I guess it's technically the middle...gosh I can't believe it's just the MIDDLE of the day!) of it you can barely string together a coherent sentence - yes, it's been that kind of day exactly.

Anyway.  I digress.  Earlier today while I was trying to slap together lunch in history-of-the-world record time, we got a package.  I opened it up but didn't have time to take out any of the contents.  Inara asked if she could take off the tape from the stuff that was inside, just little bits of tape here and there that was holding everything shut.  I didn't see how it could hurt, so I said she could if she put all the tape into the garbage can straight away so that Nissa didn't eat it (I was right there watching.  Or so I thought.) and she thought it was the greatest thing EVER, which allowed me to continue lunch-making without being poked or prodded at by my adorable-yet-often-needy children.

So we ate lunch and I got Nissa asleep for her nap and came back to the kitchen to clean up.  Where I saw this...THE TRASHCAN OF DEATH:

(Feed At Your Own Risk)

Inara apparently gave the can teeth, "so that it could eat the garbage better".  I have no idea why, but just looking at that made me break down into fits of giggles.  Probably because I'm deliriously exhausted AND IT'S ONLY 3PM.

Can't you just hear Trashy (that is what I've officially named him) going NOM NOM NOM in that picture?  I sure can.  Because I'm insane.  It's been one of those days, okay?  Stop judging me.

Oh, and if you think my garbage can looks gross in that shot, you should have seen it BEFORE I had my way with it in Photoshop.  So there.  NOM NOM NOM!!!
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