Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Is In The Air (or in the garden)...

I'm getting really excited about decorating the new house.  With the lovely weather we've been having here in Western NY, I now have gardening on the brain too.  To be clear - I am not a gardener.  I hate bugs.  I have killed houseplants (planticide?).  I can grow vegetables but only if Yousuf does all the work.  I have the worst allergies to pollen and ragweed and am generally miserable when I spend too much time outdoors.  But I REEEEEEEALLLLY want a cute little backyard garden - a little green space to call my very own.  I know, I'm completely insane.

So I've been scouring the interwebs for fun garden things (I don't know what the official term for this is.  Accessories?  Doodads?  Just goes to show how much of a garden EXPERT I am), and I came across these adorable thingies made by artist Fred Conlon.  When I grow my imaginary money tree I am going to get:

Gnome Be Gones


Aren't they just delightful (in a slightly freaky, snackish-gremlin-after-midnight kind of way)? I think they're fantastic.  I found them (and other endearing models - I especially love this one, but I'm not going to post the picture in case my mom is reading.  Mommy!  DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK.  Darn...she is totally going to click it now.  I'm so grounded.) at Conlon's webstore, Sugarpost Metal Art.

I also found these at Uncommon Goods, which are very much within my budget.  I wonder if they will keep me from committing future vegicide?  One can only hope.

One thing is for certain....our new neighbors are going to think we're crazy with a capital K.  Oh, well.  Normal is so boring!!!
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