Sunday, January 10, 2010

Deep Breath...And Away We Go!

Here it is, our first official post. For posterity, I feel as though it should be something reflective in nature - perhaps a little poignant, and a post that we can feel proud of when we look back at our little blog years from now.  Unfortunately, all that comes to mind is this funny conversation I had via email with my friends when I was a week overdue with Nissa last May:

Me: If I ever have a blog...I will call it: "Is it a Baby or Is it Poop: Unraveling Life's Big Mysteries" Because seriously, I can't tell the difference anymore between my contractions and my turds. :P :P :P

Just wanted to update all of you...

The responses were as varied, loving and hilarious as my amazing friends - and if they say it's okay, maybe I'll post some here later. But for now, I just can't get that random conversation out of my head - it's as though I made a promise with the Fates and now I have to stick by it. So there you have it folks, my first post, the one that I should be looking back on with joy and pride is now officially about Babies, Birthing, and Poop. Rock on.

Very pregnant with nothing to show for it except poop
Above: Me - On my due date - Very pregnant, with nothing to show for it except for a whole lotta poop. 
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