Thursday, December 2, 2010

Inara's Rainbow Pre-Order and a HUGE Surprise!

Guys!!!! I was up all night!!! I was so excited about today! I had to drink tons of caffeine this morning!I! AM! SO! WIRED!

The pre-order for Inara's Rainbow is now OPEN! You can view the listing at Piece of Cloth - and if you scroll down you will see that the ever-so-wonderful Giselle is offering a 10% off discount with the code INARA10. So go and get your rainbow on!! And don't forget to check out the listing for Suzi's Starbright Baby Teething Giraffes at the bottom of that listing as well.

insert drumroll here....

And now, the BIG news that I have been waiting and waiting to share with you! I'm SO excited about this, and it's been KILLING me to keep it all to myself because I can't wait to share with you....

That I'm pregnant!


Hahaahahahaha. I'm horrible, I know. I couldn't help myself! Okay, I'll stop now.

The Big News is that in addition to creating the Inara's Rainbow Teething Giraffes, Suzi of Starbright Baby will also be making gorgeous and stylish Hobo Bags out of the Inara's Rainbow wrap as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here are the pictures of her prototype (also seen at the brand-spanking new listing on her Etsy shop). I think it's going to be absolutely fabulous.  I can't wait to have one!

I am so excited to be a part of this. I kept getting emails from so many of you that have grown-up babies, or who aren't babywearing anymore, and the message was loud and clear: WE WANT INARA'S RAINBOW. So I had a little think and thought what better way to spread the Inara's Rainbow cheer than to create a stylish accessory that Mamas could carry, while knowing they got to be a part of something so special. Better yet, it would something just for YOU, but it would be created out of something that you have cherished as a mother. I couldn't wait to tell Suzi and Giselle about my idea!

Lucky for me, I am surrounded by amazingly talented and wonderfully kind friends, and they immediately jumped on the idea. Suzi soon whipped up a prototype, and I was blown away. It was even BETTER than what I had imagined...and....get this - I GET TO HELP DESIGN IT! I will be picking out the liner fabrics (with Suzi's help of course...don't worry, there are real professionals involved in these products!)!!!!!!!!! I can't WAIT to get started with this, to be able to share Inara's Rainbow with so many wonderful people in the Babywearing community (and beyond) in this way is just so amazing. I am beyond thrilled.

So thank you to Suzi, Giselle, all the people that helped to make Inara's Rainbow a reality - including Tiph whose idea this was in the first place,and Jen who made that first doll sling for us - and a big, huge, arms wide open hug to all of YOU. Thank you for making my dreams come true.

Great. Now I'm doing the ugly cry.
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