Thursday, March 10, 2011

Too Much Of A Good Thing.

Okay. So lets say you have a wrap. A very rainbowy, happy wrap. And because I know you guys are SO tired of hearing about Inara's wrap, let's just call this one "Binara's Happy Stripey Brightly Colored Wrap". Or something.

Now let's say that you have this wrap, and you want it turned into a ring sling, because - why not? Ring slings are fun. Right? So you have the wrap sent to the most wonderful, talented ring sling maker, because hello - she's fantastic and everybody loves her. Even angry little trolls can't help but love her. But I digress.

Things should be going along swimmingly. But they're not, because in the midst of all this wonderful stripey happiness...all of a sudden, you have a problem. A big one. Because now you have to make a decision about the color of rings you want to go with this very special, very sentimental wrap.

And the problem is that there are just too many gorgeous options.


See what I mean? How's a girl to choose between all that...loveliness?

What color would YOU pick?

Indecisively yours,
p.s. - A lot of you wrote to me saying that you were bummed because you missed the pre-order for Binara's Happy Stripey Brightly Colored Wrap. Well, do I have news for you! Due to popular demand, the lovely Giselle has opened up a second pre-order for ONE WEEK ONLY. So go check it out if you want one of these babies for yourself. You guys are awesome for making our wrap so popular that it's going into production for a second time. If I had the money, I'd buy one for everyone!
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