Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ode To The Bloggies.

The Bloggie nominations were announced today
And I am very excited to say
That even though I was not nominated
There's lots of great people to go and vote for-ated.

One day I hope to be one of those elite few
Oh, it would be such a dream come true.
I know I can do it, and my one hundred readers agree
That I'm a nice gal who can not write poetry.

So for all of you that are just like me
Who keep working hard while dreaming of Bloggies
Remember that you can acheive greatness too
And sometimes all it starts with is a blog post about poo.

That's your hint to check out my latest poop-filled post at And Nobody Told Me! Also, congratulations to all the amazingly talented Bloggie-nominated writers. Thank you for inspiring me each and every day, and thank you for pushing me towards achieving my own dreams!

(My kids want me to win a Bloggie SO BADLY. They're like my biggest fans. Can't you tell?)
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