Monday, January 24, 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things (today).

It is freezing cold outside today. The schools are closed, so the girls and I have been sitting around all morning long in our fleece jammies. We've been sipping on hot drinks (tea for me, hot chocolate for them) and peeking out our windows as snow plows go roaring past. The sun is glinting off of every surface and it's so beautiful...but not beautiful enough to make me want to leave the comfort of my warm nest!

As we sit and watch the outside world blow by, we've also been making lists. Lists about the things we want to do when it warms up (go to the beach!), lists of the names we can give the new minivan we just bought (Pond Scum is my current fave), and lists upon lists of our favorite things. We're just in a listful sort of mood today . Here's a list of my favorite things at this very moment:

1. Huge bowls of steaming oatmeal. With raisins.

2. Blanket forts.

3. Giveaways on my blog (they make me happy).

4. Art projects made by my girls (they wanted to send along a special something):

5. Being inspired by my kids to add a little surprise of my own to the giveaway package:

(Hair pins made by my talented and generous friend Carla Morris.)

6. Thinking of ways to add more handmade goodies to future giveaways (I want to find a way to support local artists & small businesses, while giving YOU - my most awesome readers - more surprises to look forward to...stay tuned!).

7. Brown paper packages tied up with string:

9. Endless baby tickles resulting in baby giggles and guffaws (and have you ever seen a more delectable face?):

10. The color purple:

(on of my best friends from high school made these for me a few years ago. Wearing them and thinking of her fondly is another one of my favorite things.)

11. Catching up with a dear friend over the weekend.

12. Being given the opportunity to show her that she is one of the most beautiful souls I know, both inside and out:

13. Carrot cake. With frosting. And three kinds of sprinkles:

14. This face. She has magic in her eyes, and carrot cake on her chin. Perfection.

Your turn! What are a few of your favorite things RIGHT NOW?

(And feel free to comment on my faves! Are you excited about the possibility of future giveaway goodies? I am!) xoxoxmahreen
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