Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Girls Have An Announcement. anyone out there this morning?

We just wanted to hijack our Mama's blog for a moment, to tell you about something REALLY IMPORTANT. 

You'll have to come a little bit closer...closer, closer, still....that's perfect. 

My Mama says she gets lost in my eyes at this exact distance. By the way, I know what the words "exact" and "distance" mean. I looked them up in the dictionary. 

I'm hoping that you get lost in my eyes when I tell you:


How exciting!

We really  hope you like it. She's kind of nervous right now, and she really wants you to like it. So you should probably just say that you do. Trust us. 

I'm not laughing at Mama...I'm laughing at her post! 

Okay, maybe I'm laughing at Mama just a teensie weensie bit too. She's funny when she's nervous. 
We hope you have a great day, and we hope you liked our post. We're going to go back to our regular jobs now, but before we do we just wanted to show you how growned-ups look when you're reading blogs in the morning:

You guys really crack us up sometimes.

Have fun reading Mama's new blog post! We love you!

Thank you times a hundred trillion billion million and four,
Inara & Nissa
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