Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In Other Words...

Look, I know that the rain gutter shelves in yesterday's post are fabulous. I'm working on a how-to with Yousuf to give you more details about them, but in the meantime...HELLO!! GIVEAWAY!!!

I think the problem is that my post was about eleventy million gazillion words long and that most of you tuned out after the shelves. Sorry about that. I'll try to be more succinct, like right now!

- I'm giving away a fantastic book.
- You can win it.
- You can even choose which book you want to win.
- It's really easy to enter the giveaway.
- All you have to do is leave a comment at the end of yesterday's post.
- The deadline to enter is this Friday, January 14th at 5pm EST.
- Have fun!
- That's it.
- Oh, and thank you for being the best readers ever.

You will get bonus points (or good karma, because I don't actually have any points to give out) for:
- Sharing this post with your friends, so that more people have a chance to WIN FREE STUFF!
- Telling them that it's the easiest giveaway to enter ever in the history of the universe.
- Also telling them not to be scared off by that crazy long post. If they decide to stick around and read this post (which I'm hoping they will want to do), they'll see what you mean. I hope.

Once again, thanks for your support, and for putting up with me and my overly-wordy ways! Good luck!
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