Monday, December 20, 2010

Kissing Games.

My girls love it when guests come to visit.

Especially when they get to fight over those guests...

...for kisses.

It always starts off so innocently...

...with the poor unassuming victim (my baby nephew, Ameer, in this case) in a prime position to be smooched.


So sweet...until Nissa notices, and in the true spirit of sibling rivalry, decides to plant a pucker of her own:

Not to be outdone by her pint-sized nemesis, Inara goes in for round two. And this time, she goes for it not once...

...but twice.

Just for good measure.

Poor Ameer. He looks so weary of all the ladies constantly fighting over him.

It's such a curse to be that cute.

At least that's what they tell me.

By the time Inara went in for her THIRD smooch, Nissa had had quite enough.

"Oh no, she DI'INT!!"

Oh yes she did, baby girl. Whatcha gonna do about it?

I have to hand it to my youngest daughter...she will never go down without a fight. She looked as if she was completely unperturbed as Inara went in for a record-breaking fourth pucker:

And before we knew it...


She is so fast. We hardly saw it coming.

Poor Ameer.

If his little head could talk it would be saying squish.

I should tell my in-laws to beware when they visit us this week. They should be prepared to be attacked by my two little competitive kissers.

I guess there's worse things in life than to be simultaneously kissed by these girls. Right Ameer?

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