Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Big Snip.

Yesterday, Inara had her first haircut. It was a big deal, because she's never had a haircut before, because we all went together to support her, and MOST IMPORTANTLY...

...because I didn't cry, NOT EVEN ONCE.

I know, you're utterly shocked - aren't you?

I didn't cry when I took these very last beautiful long-hair photos...

Gotta love that stink eye. Precious girl.

And I didn't even sniffle when we got to the little girls' salon (Shout out to the Pittsford Sweet & Sassy! You ladies are amazing and made us all feel so special!) and Inara asked to hold her Daddy's hand for that first snip because she felt "Just a little bit nervous, Daddy. But not too much if you stay with me."

Okay, I may have sniffled just the teeniest bit right then. But only just a minuscule, well-covered-up-by-a-cough sniffle. Nobody even noticed.

Especially not Inara, who was too busy talking to her stylist:

 "Wow! I am surprised that haircutting doesn't hurt AT ALL!"

Mama doesn't look like sniffly AT ALL in this picture.

We actually had lots of fun together. The stylist was simply amazing - she talked and joked with Inara, and was able to hop around as Inara moved her head allllllllll over the place (she said she was an expert in "moving haircuts"). I tried to help by making my sweet girl laugh:

 And I didn't even tear up when I saw my baby being transformed right before my very eyes:

Insert another well-covered-up sniffle here.

Luckily Inara (and her mama) had a great cheering squad looking out for us:

Mama! Why do you look so sniffly? It's just HAIR. Daddy and I think it's way overrated anyway.

I didn't even wipe away a tiny tear while Inara was getting her first blow-out...

...or especially when we did the big reveal:

"Wow! I like it! My hair is so POOFY! So, can I have a lollipop now?"

I'm lying, of course. At this point it was getting a bit difficult to contain my emotions:

Maybe if I smile REALLY REALLY WIDE, nobody will notice me babbling on incoherently about 

After her cut (and lollipop), the stylist asked if Inara would like sparkles in her hair ("Yes please!") and also if she wanted some hairspray that smelled like cotton candy ("No thanks. People aren't supposed to smell like candy!"). Then, she took Inara to the back of the salon where there was dance music pumping beneath a glowing disco ball, a changing room, and get this - A STAGE.

I died. And cried. While I died.

There are no words.

Just lots and lots of well-covered-up sniffles.

And sparkles. Everywhere. I think I even found some in between my toes last night.

Inara looks...breathtakingly beautiful. I know I might be just a little bit biased when I say that, but it's not just her hair. I forgot how good it feels to be pampered, for someone to tell you that you are special and beautiful and sweet and smart. By the end of the day, Inara was positively glowing. Even when I asked if I could take her portrait, she tried to give me some of her patented stink-eye...

...but even that didn't last very long. 

Later that night, when we were getting ready for bed, I told Inara that I had made an appointment to get my hair cut on Wednesday. She was elated:

"Mama! When you go to your salon do you get lollipops and sparkles?"
"No, sweetie - I just get my hair cut at my salon."
"Oh, no! You mean you don't even get to dress up and go on a stage afterward? Mama! I am so SORRY! Don't feel bad though, maybe we can ask MY haircutter to cut your hair. She can give you sparkles and you can feel much much better!"

Sweet girl, with the gorgeous, short SHORT hair:

...you are such a beautiful soul, inside and out. You make my heart dance, little love. Thanks for putting up with your mushy mess of a mama yesterday. I just needed some time to catch up with all this getting bigger-ness. I hope you will understand, if not today - then someday. 

Sometimes Mamas just need a minute to catch their breath.

Especially when they see something as lovely as you. 

The End. 
p.s. - does anyone know where I can get some big, beautiful accessories for my girlies' hair? I say "girlies'" and not "girlie's" because Nissa has already claimed the flower clip in the above photo for her Alfalfa-esque sprout of hair. It looks pretty darned cute, too. But I do need more for her big sis! xoxoxmahreen
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