Thursday, December 23, 2010

Chop Chop.

Look, I know that we just discussed Inara's new haircut ad nauseum. And I know you're probably over reading anything having to do with hair, but I think there is something important that I need to share with you...

...and if there is one topic in the universe that is more important than Inara's hair, then surely it's MY hair.


Okay, so here is me yesterday afternoon, reveling in the bounty of my insanely long hair. Absolutely delighting in it's hugeness. Positively traumatized at the thought of letting a pair of scissors anywhere near my luscious mane...

Or not. 
I think Yousuf was a bit worried...he wasn't quite sure what I was getting myself into, but if I told you how long it's been since I've visited my hairdresser, you'd understand why I looked more than a little deranged.

Okay fine, I'll tell you. It's been NINETEEN MONTHS since I cut  my hair!!!


Surely that's a new world record or something!

It's not that I haven't wanted to cut my hair, believe me I have been wanting a trim/cut/anything for longer than Nissa has been alive. I knew the last time I cut my hair (when I was 9 months pregnant and counting) that it would be some time before I could manage another visit, but I never imagined it would take THIS long. But throw in baby #2, moving, and baby #1 starting school and all of a sudden I never had any time left for me. 

Until yesterday!!

Here is a slightly less-deranged photo of me before I visited my stylist (who took one look at me when I walked in and said, "You can NOT go this long before seeing me EVER AGAIN. Understand?" Yes, ma'am! Understood!!):

And I'm giving all of you fair warning, so that you're not completely shocked out of your gourd the way Yousuf was when I came home. I even gave the man a heads-up! 

Look!! Here's me giving him a heads-up:
"Everything is going to be FINE, honey!  It's just'll grow back!"

Nothing prepared him for this, though. Probably because when I told him that I needed "a change" I forgot to leave out the word "drastic". Oops. My bad. 

So tell me...what do you think of my new 'do??


Apart from my neck being a bit chilly (note to self: invest in scarves!), I think I like it! It's also been flat-ironed and I'm curious to see what happens when I wash it and the curls spring up (I'm thinking South Asian Shirley Temple meets sleep-deprived mama - ATTRACTIVE!) we'll just see what happens. I'm telling myself that it's just hair, and that my hair especially will grow back FAST. 

For the next nineteen months however, I'm just going to enjoy this.

It's sort of like an early New Year's present just for me. And I totally deserve it!
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