Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kooky Not Spooky Halloween Part II

Before we begin with Part II of our Halloween adventures, I wanted to remind everyone to get out and VOTE today! As Canadians living in the U.S., Yousuf and I aren't eligible to vote (Yet! We're working on it!), so it's especially meaningful for me to encourage all of you today. I can't wait to join you at the polling stations someday soon!

Alright - back to our regularly scheduled Halloween adventures.

When you last saw us, Inara was dressed up as a flower and I was a butterfly, and together with my lovely mom-in law (the orange-winged butterfly in yesterday's post) we set out on an adventure/mission to make this year's Halloween Kooky and not Spooky. It worked well enough during the day, but the evening presented a bit more of a challenge.

But first. Let me introduce you to the other member of our garden-themed group. I give you the one, the only, the very adorable Miss NissaBee (in a hand-me-down costume from her big sis that she ROCKED):

And virtually every picture I have of her involves her running away from us.

Or complaining.

"Why have you dressed me up in all this adorableness only to have me 

"Why won't you just set me FREE?!?"

"And ohmygawd what have you done with my HANDS?!?!?!?!?!?!"

I am pouting in your general direction - you deplorable excuse for a parent. 
And no, I will not smile for you. Not even for a cookie.

But look! If you stick the three of us together, we're actually kind of cute! Even Nissa couldn't help but smile a little at that:

In keeping with our Kooky Not Spooky theme, Yousuf dressed up as a Daddy Bee:

Yikes! Remember - Kooky not SPOOKY, Daddy!

Much better.

And you remember that Yousuf's Mom was also a butterfly. Completing our little group we had Yousuf's Dad who went as this:

Apparently he didn't get the memo about the garden theme. 

But he did read the part about emphasizing the Kooky. 

The girls loved it.

In fact, Inara only wanted her Papa to take her to the first few houses for trick-or-treat. So we stood back, huddling under our umbrellas and braving the gusting winds, while hoping that Papa had enough peripheral vision to make it down the porch steps in one piece.

We took turns doing houses with Inara after that one. I'm sure Papa was quite relieved.

Even though it was raining and windy, it didn't dampen the Halloween spirit in our neighborhood. The princesses and fairies were out in full force along with ghouls and goblins - which Inara deftly avoided making eye contact with - and every house was bedecked from top to bottom. Everyone was so friendly and nice and just lovely in every way. We live in a wonderful community!

Look at how creative some of our neighbors were with their pumpkins:

That one was beautiful - I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Yousuf loved this one:

And this one was by far our favorite:

It had a moving red light in it!! A Knight Rider jack-o-lantern.  I love.

As the night wore down, the rain settled down into a misty drizzle and we released Nissa from her torturous restraint stroller and let her run up and down and all around like the busy bee that she is. She had a grand old time exploring porches, tearing into bushes and pulling down decorations all the way home. It's a good thing she was so freaking cute in her costume, because nobody seemed to mind the little stinger-bummed beauty wreaking havoc on their well-tended lawns.

Outta my way, Gammie! This Bee stops for NO ONE!

At the end of the night we tried to take a group shot outside our front door. We try this every year, and every year we have some hilarious outtakes.  We only needed two attempts this year, which is a new world record for our family.

Attempt Number 1 - Entitled Runaway Bee!

Note the look of pure, unadulterated joy on Nissa's face. She was in heaven.

Attempt Number 2 - Entitled The Almost Normal And Completely Kooky Family Halloween Shot of 2010:

It looks like Papa is trying to high stick Gammie in the head in that shot. 

Remember it's Kooky, Papa, not CRAZY!

Inside, I made a fool of myself trying to get a decent shot of the girls. 

You know, for posterity. 

Or something.

 No, Mama. We will not stand nicely together. Not even for a cookie. Or for a sucker. 

 Don't come any closer! Or this Bee is gonna FLY!

And just when I thought it was too late, the girls spontaneously gave us this little nugget.

Sigh. I loves them.

Happy Kooky Halloween from our family to yours.
We hope you made some wonderful memories!
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