Monday, November 22, 2010

Eidfest 2010 - Part II

In the past 48 hours, I have been puked on more times than should be legally allowed. Both the girls have some mysterious tummy bug that makes them follow me around, moaning - until the precise moment that I pick them up. At that instant, the tummy bug is programmed to make them spew. All over ME. Not on their father, not on furniture or all over their clothing...nope. Just. On. Me. It's exhausting and gross and very stinky. I hope it's over soon.

As a result, this post is not going to be the big Eid share-along that I had planned. Instead, I'm putting up the pictures that didn't make it into Friday's post with captions that hopefully make some sense. But they probably won't because all I can think about right now is how to avoid being the target of copious amounts of kiddie upchuck.

Here are the rest of our Eid pictures - we really did have a wonderful, puke-free few days. I will always remember them fondly for having...

....the best free entertainment around:

 Thank you. Thankyouverymuch! 
(Note Ameer's stunned expression.)

We're now booking for next Eid's festivities. Don't delay, call today!

Later in the day my sister in-law, Nadia, got to put her six years of Pharmacy School education to good use... make what was possibly the world's weirdest (and most inaccurately  named) Eid present:

(it totally wasn't.)

 Inara looked fairly disgusted throughout the entire process

Yum! Don't these look DELICOUS?!?

Of course the very best part about all that delectable cookie-making was that I didn't have to be a part of it. Instead, I got to oogle babies...oogleoogleoogle:

Could you not just melt into those gorgeous big brown eyes? I did. Le sigh.

Look at these handsome Mustafa men!
That's my Dad on the right. Clearly. I hope.

And of course one baby always attracts another baby (they're like magnets around here), so when my brother was palling around with Ameer, Nissa had to get in on the act too:

Poor Ameer had girls fighting over him all's so tough to be so adorable. Remember this?

Well, my little girlie would never want anyone to feel left out, so she was generous with her love (and slobber)...

This is pretty much why I stay behind the camera. The hair! The dark circles! The HAIR. But the baby sure is cute, isn't he? And I got to wear him!!! Le double sigh.

Of course it wasn't all fun and games. When Inara and Nadia prayed together, I reminded my eldest to be respectful and to think about being filled with peace inside. Because she is lovely and sweet she followed my directions to a tee....until she had to break her concentration. But it was for a good reason. 

  She had to kiss her sister. Le third sigh.

After prayer, Nadia asked Inara if she wanted to say anything:

Inara thought about it for a bit...

And then said, "Dear Allah. I wish people everywhere could celebrate Eid with us and have lots of great presents. Thank you."

Me too, sweet girl. How I wish for that too.

And when Nissa was asked if there was something that she wanted, she had one very simple request:

 More kisses, of course. 

I was laughing so hard I nearly dropped the camera. 

Thanks for sharing our Eid with us, friends! I hope you enjoyed this peek into our celebration. 

And now, I shall take leave of you to go and dodge some puke. Loverly!
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