Thursday, September 30, 2010

And So The Student Becomes The Master.

Yesterday, in a fit of 80's-induced insanity, I decided to wear legwarmers.  Madness, I tell you.  Pure madness:

I even channeled my inner Olivia Newton-John for a couple of very scary moments (although I'm sure Yousuf was majorly impressed with my  rendition of "Let's Get Physical"):

Later that evening, as I made dinner (my legs still toastily encased) - I heard a familiar bouncebouncebounce behind me.  That's the sound Inara makes as she moves through the house. She doesn't really walk, she kind of flits and jumps from place to place.  Bouncebouncebounce. Bouncebouncebounce:

Hold up.  What's that she's got over her leggings? I paused in mid-veggie-chop for a closer look.  But she just giggled and bounded away. Bouncebouncebounce.  Bouncebouncebounce:

So back I went to chopping up veggies.  A little while later she was back, bouncebouncebouncing her way through the first floor:

"Inara...what are you wearing on your legs?"
"Are you wearing legwarmers?"
"Yep.  Just like you!"
"But we only have one pair of gray legwarmers.  What are those on your legs?"

Upon closer inspection, what looked like normal legwarmers in the front:

Turned out to be my beloved arm warmers in the back!!!

Sigh.  You've got to give her credit for creativity, I guess. What a little fashionista.  Strike a pose!

Clearly, Nissa was not impressed.  Everybody's a critic when it comes to fashion. 

If only babies could talk: "ooooooh, Inara.  You're gonna get in BIG TROUBLE when Mama sees!!!"

I can't wait to see what the teenage years are going to look like with these two.  Sigh.
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