Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby And the Tramp.

The first thing visitors always ask me about when they come up to the second floor of our house is the trampoline.

"Is that a...trampoline?" they say, pointing at the blue and red contraption that sits in the corner of the master bedroom.

"Why yes. Yes it is." I always reply.

And then there is that moment of confusion and embarrassment, when the visitors are curious as to why we'd have a child-sized trampoline in our bedroom - but maybe, they wonder, the answer is something that shouldn't be talked about in polite conversation.

So they avoid eye contact with me and look down at the lint balls rolling across my carpet floor.

It's kind of funny.

But I have a good reason for having a trampoline in my bedroom. It's actually one of my sanity-savers. And I'll tell you why.

It's because when my kids get on that trampoline - I can actually get things done

 I can fold laundry without people "helping".

I can vacuum the gigantic lint balls off of the carpet - which Nissa does not enjoy, but she tolerates from the relative safety of her trampoline perch.

(Though she still yells at me when I'm vacuuming. But I can't HEAR HER! Haha!)

I can even take the trampoline into other rooms as I putter away, in golden precious SILENCE (these pictures were taken with it in Nissa's room).

(Well, silence except for the boingboingboingwhee! Of the trampoline and it's occupants)

It gives the term "bouncing off the walls" a whole new meaning. For twenty glorious minutes, nobody is mad at me, everyone is happy - and the kids are actually having fun.

 They're even getting tired from all the exertion it takes to maintain that trampolining momentum.


So that's why I have a trampoline in my bedroom. Try to resist bouncing on your way out.

Mama! Is it time to fold more laundry yet? Pleaaaasseeeee?!?
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