Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just Add Water

It's hot here.  Like really, really hot.  And because we don't have central air conditioning (we have radiators..which is all fine and dandy in the winter, but they do squat for me in ninety degree heat), just waking up and blinking the sweat out of my eyes is a special kind of torture.  Granted, we do have window units in ours' and the girls' bedrooms, but I find that just makes the problem worse, because then you have what feels like an ice-box tundra and then you go shivering from that to the flipping Sahara desert.  It makes you think twice about those midnight bathroom trips, that's for sure.

Anyway, due to the heat it seems like even everyday tasks get harder.  Take baths, for example. In this weather, being in a steamy bathroom soaping down two little squirmy people, only to get them out and dry and then go into...the steamy rest of the house is a thought I do not relish AT ALL.  I'd rather they just stay dirty.  Or I'd rather someone else deal with the problem (which is generally my M.O. for most distateful parenting tasks. Because I'm lazy, okay?).

Enter Yousuf - Solver Of Problems, Savior Of My Sanity, Man Who Is Impervious to Bad Moods and Heat-Sensitive Tantrums.

I was grumbling about how he made me move into a house with no central air and how because of that our kids were now the filthiest little grubs on the street.  Or the city.  Or probably the WHOLE WORLD.  And he, as usual, just laughed at me as he opened the back door and ushered the girls outside after him.  To which I replied with even more grumbling because I knew they were just going to get even MORE dirty and people would probably mistake them for walking piles of grass and dried food bits and then give me bad looks and say that I didn't take care of them but THEY DON'T LIVE IN MY HOUSE with no air conditioning and if they did they'd realize that a bath is the absolute LAST thing I want to be dealing with.

So I went outside to tell Yousuf all this, and lo and behold this is what I saw:

Oh. My. LORDY.  That's how we do it 'round here, y'all.  In the CITY.

But you know what?  The girls loved every second of it.  So who was I to complain? 

And bless my hubby's heart, he solved my bathing problem and everyone got nice and cool and un-cranky at the same time:

"Don't spray me, Inara!  Don't spray me!  Okay, maybe just a little...ahhhh....that feels GREAT.  Who needs air conditioning when we have a hose, y'all!"

Seeing them have that much fun, it was pretty hard to stay cranky.  I mean, who could resist this face?

"ooooh, Mama!  This feels so GOOD!  Look at my big tummy and cute little baby thighs!  Don't you just wanna get wet with me?  Couldn't you just eat me right UP?  C'mon c'mon c'mon...you know you wanna!"

And that's how Mama gets out of her heat-induced doldrums and lightens up a bit.  All it took was a little water, an ingenious husband and some stinkin' cute babies.  

It's a good thing that our neighbors don't think we're nuts AT ALL.
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