Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eat Dirt.

Here's Nissa - her first time at the beach:

Look at me...being perfectly innocent and adorable.  For now.

Hmmm...what is this dirt-like substance beneath my bottom?

(For the record...I TOTALLY knew where this was going.  But I was powerless to stop it)

I wonder if this is stuff tastes any good?  What, Mama?  Why are you looking at me like that and flapping your arms around like some gigantic mutant bird? Oh, I know.  Perhaps it's because you want me to PUT IT IN MY MOUTH?!?!?!?  With pleasure. 


Well, Mama.  That was mineral-licious!  When can I do that again?

My kid is NUTS.  Andumalso?  I think it's genetic.

Yousuf, age 1. Eating dirt. Lovely.
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