Saturday, May 15, 2010


When packing up to move you can still try to have a little fun.  Why not...

Fall in love all over again with your Grand Wardrobe Boxes (such a sanity saver! I'm so glad we kept these from our last move):

Dig out some really hideous old shoes (seriously, what was I THINKING when I bought these?):

And then you will of course have to pose with them (you will note Inara's Harry Potter glasses to complete this fantastic ensemble):

Inara won't let me chuck those heels away, either.  She is still prancing around in them and calling them her "glass slippers".  I think she even slept with them on last night.  Oy vey (my friend Carrie said that I'm allowed to say that, even though I'm not Jewish)!

Keeping in line with the Most Fabulous Attire, you can also pose in your PERSONALIZED high school Jazz Choir jacket (bestowed upon only a select few uber-nerds) and get your Gleek on:

Those jackets took us to NATIONALS, baby!!  Who remembers Hull in a Handbasket?  Did we not rock Bridge Over Troubled Water?  Oh yes WE DID!!

You can stop laughing at me now.  And NO, YOUSUF - I AM NOT THROWING THAT JACKET AWAY.

Another one-of-a-kind outfit picked out by my little fashionista:

Hmmm.  Clearly I have tons of really bad clothing that needs to go...

Oh, and I finally got around to packing up my maternity clothes.  Only one year after the baby was born...woot!

See?  Moving can be FUN.  Or something.

Less than twenty-four hours till the movers get here...I gotta go get the rest of my packing on!  Who knows what other treasures I shall find!
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