Friday, May 14, 2010


All I can say is that I HAAAAAAATE moving.

And I hereby vow to nevereverneverever do it again.  Even if they build a skyscraper in my backyard (a la the movie Up) I am still never ever going to move.  Because I hates it, I do.

The whole process just drives me completely bonkers.  And I think it's carrying over to my kids.  I think they've officially gone 'round the bend with us.  You really can't blame them, though - their whole world is being boxed up and moved out.

So what else are two angelic cherubs supposed to do with no toys, no books, and parents that are busy with Very Important Moving Stuff?

Take a gander, my friends.  Oh, and that sound you hear at the end is the hysterical laughter of a frazzled mom who has gone completely off the deep end.

Maybe it's not so bad.  At least I know I'll always have clean windows at the new house, right?

Yep, we've officially lost our marbles.  And I officially hate moving.
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