Monday, April 19, 2010

The House Update You've All Been Waiting For..

I know you've just been dying to hear some news about the new house.  I bet you've been spending endless hours wondering why I've been so quiet about everything, and maybe you even thought that the whole thing was just a joke, that maybe there WAS no house after all, or that it was all a dream that happened to someone far more exciting, who was about 6 inches taller than me, much skinnier and who was never confused with a Certain Evil Unibrowed Muppet. maybe that last part was just me.

Truthfully, there's been no update because there has been nothing to update!  After our offer was accepted and the inspections were done, things sort of ground to a halt and we were just....waiting.  I think all the people involved in the legal aspects of us buying the house were having trouble communicating with each other because Yousuf and I spent the last month basically shuffling phone messages along to all of them.  It's been such fun, in an I-just-want-to-tear-my-hair-out kind of way.  Yeah, it's been about that fun.

But, just when we thought that things couldn't get any slower - we got a call from our lawyer who told us that WE ARE SET TO CLOSE ON THE HOUSE ON WEDNESDAY!!!!

Gee, thanks for giving us some advanced notice, Mr. Fancypants Lawyer Dude.  Not that I'm not grateful for the fact that we will be the proud owners of a brand-new-to-us-yet-very-old house...nothing could make me happier - except for maybe, oh I don't know, how about some ADVANCED NOTICE?!?

So yeah, things are going to be more than a bit crazy at the VeniVidiHousehold (well, crazier than they are on normal days). I'm just warning all of you in advance in case you see random posts over the next few days that include images of me looking like some sort of crazed animal as we pack, move, clean, fix up the new house, and get our current house leased while somehow managing to work around Yousuf's insane end-of-year schedule (in case I haven't mentioned it in the past, let me tell you ONCE AGAIN just how much I abhor the end of the school year for professors!!!  I can't wait to catch up with my husband.  Sometime after the middle of MAY.  It just suckitysuckssucks).

Deep Breaths.  Must. Take. Deep. Breaths.

I know we'll get through it, and at the end of it all we'll have an honest-to-goodness HOUSE of our very own!  And more importantly, I know that I'll have all of YOU to depend on as we slowly lose our already-tenuous grasp on sanity, my lovely virtual support system of friends and probably a couple of weirdos thrown in for good measure.  I am so grateful for your support.  Yes, even  you...Mr.Winnebago Warrior who owns a blog about RV's (I have no idea how that happened)...I know you're all out there and I appreciate it muchly.

Thanks for sharing this incredible journey with us!

Oh hey, I created a Facebook Page for VeniVidiBlogi and I'd love for you to check it out - drop me a message and join the fun!  Or not.  No pressure.  (Doitdoitdoit! You know you want to!)
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