Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Hangover

It's 12:45am and my baby is not asleep.  She's had a fever for two days and been feeling generally miserable, but this evening she perked right up, kicked the fever and decided that she was NEVER GOING TO SLEEP AGAIN.

As I type she is trying to crawl on my legs.

And now she just upended the box of Duplos.

And now she's trying to take apart the very carefully arranged Mr. & Mrs. Potato Heads (Inara is going to be MAD.  I should probably do something.  But I'm too tired.).

I'm glad that she's feeling better but I would really like to see my mattress at some point tonight.  We brought her downstairs because she was YELLING in bed with us upstairs and we were afraid it was going to wake Inara up.  So now she's banging on her musical table top toy (but HA HA, I turned it off SO THERE!  Oh crud...I think she's trying to turn it back on.  Can babies get smarter when they're sleep deprived?).

Ugh.  I am so going to be feeling this tomorrow morning.  The sad truth about having more than one child is that you never get a break.  If Baby #2 suddenly decides that it's a sleep-optional party, well then you have no choice but to put on your big girl jammies and party with the best of them.  And then when she finally does fall asleep, you can't even enjoy it because it's time for Baby #1 to wake up.  So you have to walk around the next day in a blurry baby-induced hangover, just counting down the hours until blissful sleep is yours again.

Looks like going to be a LONG night.  I'm not looking forward to my baby hangover tomorrow.

"Entertain me, dangnabbit!"

Yousuf looks SO excited to be pulling an all-nighter.

Seriously.  She's not even TIRED:

...and she totally punched me at the end. I just was too exhausted to defend myself.

Update:  It's now the morning after, and I do in fact have the very worst baby hangover.  But that's because Nissa slept soundly from 1am to 6:30am and then woke up with a raging fever.  And then she puked.  Sigh.  It would appear as if we're not quite clear of this virus yet....does someone want to come over and hook up my caffeine drip for me?

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