Friday, August 5, 2011

Running With Balloons.

She is running towards her granddaughter, who is standing out of the frame, cheering for her at the top of her lungs.

"YOU CAN DO IT, GAMMIE!" she cries - her voice carrying clearly over the breeze, happiness in words, a sound I want to etch on my memories and remember forever.

Her sister laughs beside her, an overflowing guffaw that burbles out and over and spills across the yard, touching everyone with a smile that plays at the corner of mouths.

"YOU CAN DO IT!" Do what? I wonder, as Gammie runs past with her smile a mile wide. "I'm coming, Inara! I'm coming to you!"

It's Gammie's retirement party, and all of her dearest friends and family have gathered to wish her well. Instead of mingling however, she has decided that celebrating Inara's birthday is a priority. To that end, she has helped me to construct a hastily-drawn banner (seen in the background and drawn by yours truly, thanks to infinity for helping to color it in, George family). She's also ensured that a cake be bought for Inara so that we can all sing to her. At her retirement party.

Inara is understandably beside herself with glee.

I am awed by her generosity of spirit. And by her agility.

This is a woman who lives life to the fullest. She will miss her many years of teaching (shout out to all the teachers!), but she is certainly not looking back today. She has grabbed life by the balloons and she is running towards everything that the future has to offer.

Including two grand daughters that can't wait to savor each and every moment that she has to offer.

"YOU DID IT GAMMIE!" come the shrieks of joy, and now we're all on our feet, cheering.

You sure did, Gammie. You did it, and then some. For everything you have given to us, to your community, to your career - we thank you.

Happy Retirement, Mum. Happy running in the sun with balloons.
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