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Mischief Managed, Part One.

It's been a challenge for me to write up this review for the last Harry Potter movie. It was the shortest movie of the eight, and yet somehow, I have more notes about this film than I ever imagined possible. I have no idea why I have so much to say about the topic of Harry Potter, and I have no excuse other than basking in the full realization that I am a HUGE nerd. I'm (surprisingly) okay with it, too.

What I have loved so much about the book series is that it's a damn good story - and you know that I am a sucker for a good story. As I sat watching and absorbing this last film, I realized that finally, finally those emotions I had experienced when I first read the books had been translated to film. I don't know if it's because this is the last Harry Potter hurrah, but I was transfixed for the duration of the movie. With this film, the splendor and magic and yes, the mischief of the Harry Potter universe has  been more than well managed. The hardest part truly, is saying goodbye.

Here then are my notes, in their entirety, for the review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two. For the sake of brevity (ha ha ha HA), I'm splitting this post up into two parts - I did tell you that I had a lot to say, didn't I? I apologize to those of you who are not Harry Potter fans, this two-post deviation of extreme geekiness is going to hurt a little, but I promise you that all will be well after I get it out of my system.

For all the rest - thanks for bearing with me. I know I promised you this days ago...I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long. I wish I had a great excuse, but the truth is that I'm so enjoying these summer days with both Yousuf and Inara home for the holidays. My blog productivity is at an all-time record low, and you sweet readers are so patient to put up with me. Enjoy part one, and please do let me know what you thought of the film below in the comments...I always look forward to reading your words!

Inara helped me get ready for my movie outing, supplying me with all the necessary essentials: A watch (to know when it was time to come home), tissues (which she tried to wipe my face with while they were in the packaging, hence the pirate-eye face), a notebook and pen (to do important writing), and some "light reading" (to read before the movie started). 
Yousuf scoffed while taking this photo and commented on my dueling obsessions. 
What can I say? I told you that I was a sucker for a good story...everyone knows it!


- I've got my pretzels, I've got my milkshake, and now I've got a very big-headed person sitting right in front of me. What I don't got is stadium seating - maybe I should have splurged on those 3D seats after all...

- Betty White. Betty White? Why is everyone around me talking about Betty White? Did something happen to her?

- Yay! I've got teenagers sitting on either side of me! Now when people turn around to see who was wolf-whistling, I can just point at THEM.

- I swear that a seven year-old just walked in to the theatre with her mother. Isn't this a bit dark for seven? Maybe seven is more mature than I remember (or maybe more mature than I was)?

- Fie On You, Big Head! I need a booster seat.

- Wow. They didn't waste any intro time, just jump right on into it, why don't you? No suspenseful baritone voice saying, "Previously, on Harry Potter?" Where's my recap? I'm old and feeble and need recaps.

- Ah yes, the Elder Wand, Voldie, the crypt. It's all coming back to me...

- Okay, this movie is DARK. Literally. I can hardly see my notebook! Wait. Is this supposed to be in black and white? Where's the color? Ah, I see. It's meant to be drab and colorless and depressing...eeenteresting.

- ooooh...Snape towering in the window. His expression is so...what? Anguished. Perfection by Allan Rickman - in the very first scene.

- Dobby! Waaaah! Is it too early to break out my tissues? Can I do it quietly? OH NO I CAN'T. People are turning around. I'm pointing at the teenagers.

- Exactly how old is Willow/Griphook/Flitwick now? Does the man never age? He's positively sprightly!

- I never understood this part about wand allegiances. Are there actually two wands that Harry is in control over? I know that the Elder Wand considered Harry it's master, but did Draco's wand do the same as well? Was Harry the Big Cahuna of Wandville, with two wands under his control? Why am I geeking out like this right now in the middle of the movie??

- I really disliked Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix, she was just too over the top, too many hysterics. But HBC as Hermione as Bellatrix is fantastic. She has every Hermione-ism down pat, even down to the nervous hair petting.

- ooooh, love the goatee, Won-Won. It suits you. Very Old Spice manly. Here come the wolf-whistles...not from me OF COURSE. Heh, heh, heh.

- The decent into Gringotts reminded me of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (which I saw when I was six months old...just in case you're wondering if I'm ancient). It made me want to hurl then AND now. So glad this isn't in 3D. Old people get nauseous, you know.

- HERMIONE HAS CLEAVAGE. Wowza. They totally zoomed in on it too. I guess they're making a case for her being all grown if we needed the reminder.

- Yuck. Fried Goblin who didn't even know he was facing a dragon. I feel sorry for the little dude. And also strange that Ron just passed it off as a joke, and that Harry was okay with it. Totally against their character.

- LOVE THIS. Harry to Hermione as they plan their escape from Gringott's: "Hermione, when have any of our plans ever actually worked? We plan, we get there, all hell breaks loose." That's like the past six books in a nutshell. And yes, only a true HP nerd would think that. Also, Hermione is totally Bad Ass on that dragon.

- I love how they are drenched to the bone after escaping, stripping down their skivvies, and yet still discussing serious matters. They could be discussing the perfect tuna salad recipe for all I care because all I see is nekkid boy times 2. And all I hear are wert whirls (not from me OF COURSE).

- Interesting about Voldemort being able to feel the destruction of Horcruxes. I like it. Voldie is having such a bad day, and he is stress-relieving through mass killing. That is SO unhealthy, Mr. V. Awww, and you went and killed Willow too. Have I ever mentioned how weird it is to see Ralph Fiennes without a nose? He has such a prolific schnozz's sad that he can't use it to his full disposal in these films. Because, you know, it would be handy to be able to smell...stuff. I've heard it really adds to character presence.

- Man, they go from scene to scene to scene SO FAST. Or perhaps I am missing something when I start ruminating about noses. Snap to it, George! Pay Attention!

- Erm, how did they get to Hogsmeade? Did I miss something? No using the invisibility cloak? Have they even mentioned the cloak yet? DEATHLY HALLOWS, PEOPLE. It's the name of the have to at least talk about them!

- Aberforth is fantastic. They did a wonderful job of making him resemble Dumbledore, and they way he speaks is so reminiscent of D. as well. Love.

- Oh hello, Arianna. So nice to see you here - why do we know nothing else about you, or about Dumbledore's backstory? Isn't all of that somewhat pertinent? I wonder if a non HP-obsessed person would care...

- HELLO, NEVILLE. My, my how we've grown. Talk about screen presence, I swear that Matthew Lewis is going to be the next Clive Owen. Just you wait and see. They even SOUND the same. And they give the same sultry face too, it's uncanny:

A Clive for every generation! What could be better?

- Ah, Dumbledore's Army - that group of rag tag misfits who will change the world. How I love them! I also dig the humor added to the movie, even in times of crisis ("Not sure what the item is. Not sure where to find it.", and I can never get enough of Cho's accent. It's rad.

- Ginny! Of course she doesn't care about you, Ronald. Great line, though ("Six months she hasn't seen me and it's like I'm Frankie First Year"). I wonder if this will be the funniest scene in the movie?

- Okay, so the students marching in formation are very disturbing.

- I love to hate Snape (the character). In the movie however, I am alllll over Allan Rickman. His drawn out enunciation and then whispered threats have me in goosebumps. Oh, and Maggie Smith is no less formidable. She hasn't been in the past few movies as often as I like, but she is KILLING it here.

- Wand fight! Superb acting, love the way McGonagall stepped in front of Harry. Take that you not-so-traitorous traitor! Ooooh...notice how Snape is only using defensive spells? Am I the only one who notices these things? Probably. But who cares! Yeah, yeah, yeah - go go go!

- The acting here is simply outstanding. I can't get enough. Everyone has totally stepped it up, even Daniel Radcliffe (shocking, I know. But I always thought he was the most awkward of the trio). I'm no "real" critic, but I'd say his underacting is far more riveting to watch this time around.

- Dude, this is scary. It's half horror movie, half adventure. Eeeeek! I want my hubby! (Note: I have no idea what this is referring to!)

- McGonagall kicked Slytherin house out?!? What the? That's not right. You're supposed to give them a chance to pick sides! Ah, well. In the words of one Mr. Ronald Weasley: "That's unfortunate." Hah!

- The statues animating are FANTASTIC. And I'm caught by how the teachers look so sad to have to make Hogwarts defend itself. Although seeing McGonagall lead the army of stone statues is really a treat.

- "I've always wanted to use that spell." So well delivered by Dame Maggie, possibly the best line in the movie. McGonagall was one of my favorite characters in the books, that line is PRECISELY the reason why. She kicks some major baddie backside!

- The Battle of Hogwarts aerial scenes, the preparation and the protection spells extending ghost-like over the grounds...this is so much better than I envisioned it in my head when I read the book. It's captivating and haunting at the same time. So much darkness, so much hope.

- Okay, so I am going to take this opportunity to gush over Luna. She is so wonderful, and supportive of Harry, yet she always forces him to see reason. Why didn't they hook up? They totally should have.

-  Here come the baddies, with Voldie and Bellatrix leading the charge. And there is Helena back to her freaky/funny ways. Why is she loping around like that? She looks like a stunned gorilla. Those big overhead views of the Death Eaters coming, that's quite chilling.

- Scary ghost lady! Did they change the story with her a bit? No matter, the point about the diadem is still made, and she is hella freaky when she yells at Harry! Yikes!

- Oh man, I cannot see Remus knowing what's going to happen to him. Or Fred. Crud, now I need tissues. I can tell that the teenagers around me are getting weirded out by my random outbursts of emotion. Deal with it, kids. I'm old. I get emotional.

Here ends Part One.  We're out of town for the weekend, so Part Two of the review will follow upon our return...sometime next week. Sorry to be so vague, it's just that our summer plans keep taking us on new and exciting adventures. I will return however, with Part Two to share with you. In the meantime, let me know what you thought about the movie. Let's revel in our geekery together!
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