Friday, June 3, 2011

Promises, Promises.

I have backed myself into a corner here, and I don't know what to do. You see, I made too many promises to too many people and now I'm paralyzed by having to choose between them.

Last week on my Facebook page, I asked you if you would be interested in reading about the design projects and inspiration ideas we've had for our house. Luckily, you lovely readers thought it would be a smashing idea and I went to work preparing my first post about our main bathroom (no better place to start than that oft-used and abused space, right?).

But then...I decided to on a little bit of a tangent last week with my posts about marriage equality and a follow-up post thanking your for supporting me. In that last post, I posted a picture of this fantastic Tuscan bean recipe and was asked to provide the recipe for it. Of course, I said yes and even promised to do a post about it.


I have both posts ready to go, and the plan was to do the bathroom design post yesterday, followed by the bean post today. But you know how things go, a husband goes out of town, a mom has to fend for herself, and suddenly the world turns upside down and you're peeling padded stickers off of someone's bum. I'm not even kidding.

She said she needed them for padding. You know, like for when you do somersaults on a hard floor. Of course.

"Look at my BUTT, Mama! It's so protected! I can do ANYTHING!"

Do you know how difficult those things were to peel off once they got smooshed into her shorts?

Yeah so. It's been that kind of a week. One where I'm trying to keep people not stuck to padded stickers (and other questionable behavior). Because you know that as soon as one parent goes out of town the children can SMELL THE DIFFERENCE. They turn into little pack hounds sniffing for any advantage against your outnumbered position. Let's just say that we're having cookies for breakfast (again), because I'm too tired to argue about it (again).

So before I go off into the wild blue yonder to deal with the aftereffects of chocolate peanut butter cookie overload (I did get them to eat a bit of fruit on the side WOOT!), I'm going to ask YOU which post you'd like to see next.

Comment below and make your opinion count! You have full control over Veni Vidi Blogi, CAN YOU FEEL THE POWER?!?!?!

(Try not to let it go to your head.)

You can get with this (beans):

Or you can get with that (bathroom):

(Who knew that a new shower rod, rings, and curtain could make a person so happy?)

Please comment below to let me know which post you'd like to see next at this here blog. I'll count up the comments at the end of the day, and do the winning post over the weekend as a special bonus/sorry for making too many promises make-up post. The other post will get published next, hopefully early next week (sticker-bum reprisals notwithstanding). 

Sound good? Great! GO COMMENT!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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